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Don't be a sucker, be a

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Suckas are environmentally friendly, reusable, colourful, lightweight, metal straws. 

More than just a sucking device, they are an accessory with an attitude and with a conscience.

Despite its eco mission, Suckas aren’t preachy – they don’t want to tell the world about the perils of plastic, but rather spread a positive message, that doing good can make you look and feel good at the same time.

Meet our launching 3 suckas



the golden gulper

Our premium Sucka is gold and looks the business. Slim, sleek and stylish, we like to think of it, as a bit of a design classic.


the silver slurper

The more industrial looking Sucka, it’s simple, discreet and confident; doing good without needing to shout too much about it.


the starlight sipper

Bold and makes a statement, the ultimate good-looking-good-doer of our collection.


the linen carrier

Made from flax plants, our carriers keep Suckas clean and easy to find in handbags and rucksacks. (1).jpg